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South Penquite Farm

Fun Field Trips for Schools

"...resources for schools..."

We have been fortunate at South Penquite Farm to receive funding from Natural England through their Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund to host a series of teacher training events which have produced professional designed worksheets for use by local schools when making a field trip

These are available to download from this web page and whilst some are site specific, many may be of use in the classroom or for schools visiting other farms

They are in PDF format - please right click on the title or image below and select "Save Target As..."

Home Sweet Home - compare the conditions for housed cattle in organic and conventional farming systemsThe Price of Beef - using simple maths to compare the relative value of organic and conventional beefDescribing the physical features of the habitatUsing Data Loggers - recording environmental features of a field marsh habitat
Habitat Features - identify the features of a field marsh habitatFood chains and food webs in the pond habitat - using the table to identify food chains and food webs from a sampleCommon Field Vegetation - picture key to help with identificationSedge Key - is it a grass, sedge, or rush?
Using Quadrats - to identify the number and cover of individual speciesStudying Soils - recording information from soil samplesSoil PH - investigating soil aciditySoil Temperature - how to measure soil temperature at increasing depth
The Water Cycle - add arrows to show how water moves through the cycleStudying Soils - Lesson planSoil PH - Lesson planSoil Temperature - Lesson plan
Water Quality - pollution can be measured by looking at the animals in the riverRiver Management - and it's effect on wildlifeThe Salmon Cycle - different stages of the life cycleRiver Pollution - the nutrient cycle and wetlands
Discovering Butterflies - colour in the 'new' butterfly you have found!Spring Nature Trail - tick off the anmials and plants as you find themAutumn Nature Trail - what you can find on the farm in autumnVictorian Quarrying - compare the persent quarry with a 19th Century map
Butterfly Life Cycle - label the pictures with the different stagesInvestigating Granite - describe and record a sampleExperiments with Rocks - heating, cooling, weathering and abrasionInvestigating River Vegetation - how vegetation along the river affects the width and depth of the channel
Bronze Age Life - how people used to live on Bodmin MoorBronze Age Hut Circles - recording measurementsPrehistoric Field Boundries - survey the boundries of a bronze age fieldWatts Penquite - a medieval farm

Dominic & Cathy Fairman
South Penquite Farm, Blisland, Bodmin, Cornwall

Tel: 01208 850491