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South Penquite Farm

Sunset at lambing time.

Moorland Mutton
"...quality meat at a reasonable price..."

Have you ever wondered which lamb the farmer keeps to eat for himself?

Well it's a trick question - farmers don't eat lamb. Any farmer will tell you that the best meat is last years lamb - or in another word - Mutton

Until farming's intensification to meet the wartime needs of the nation, Mutton was the meat of choice for centuries. It's now farming's best-kept secret and the only reason you can't buy it today is simple economics

Commercial farmers can't afford to have lambs hanging around way after their 1st birthday. The most profitable lamb is the one that lives the shortest life - less than 16 weeks in some cases. Well at South Penquite we are offering you an opportunity to sample quality Moorland Mutton at a very reasonable price

How reasonable?
27 for a quarter
  • half a leg for your roast
  • a dozen chops
  • mince for your bolognase
  • chunks for your curry
54 for a half
  • whole leg
  • whole shoulder on the bone
  • dozen chops
  • bag of mince

That is reasonable - is it organic?
South Penquite is an organic farm and the lambs are reared to full organic standards. However for this venture we have decided to use a local abattoir (Lobbs of Bodmin) and a local butchers (Buttons of Michealstow). Neither of these is registered with the Soil Association - but if you care about food miles it doesn't get any better than this

How do I claim my bargain pack?
Give us a ring on 01208 850491 or send us an email. Boxes are ready for collection from the farm at least one Wednesday per month during the spring, summer & autumn

Will you deliver nationwide?
Sorry - no. We are not interested in creating a nationally branded, niche product at inflated prices. We simply wish to offer local people, quality affordable meat

Dominic & Cathy Fairman
South Penquite Farm, Blisland, Bodmin, Cornwall

Tel: 01208 850491