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South Penquite Farm

"...keeping the carbon footprint down..."

At South Penquite Farm we are working hard to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and energy conservation is just as important to us as wildlife conservation. Indeed the two go hand in hand as is stated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds "Climate change is the most significant, long-term threat to biodiversity worldwide.”

The most visible measure is our 5Kw Evance wind turbine, which over an average year will produce around half of all our energy requirements. This is supplemented by 30 Photo Voltaic panels which are situated on the roof above the campsite showers and can also produce up to 5Kw on a sunny afternoon.

In addition to this we have worked to keep our demand down by installing a series of solar thermal panels on the farmhouse, the shower block and the loos which simply use the power of the sun to heat up the hot water tanks.

Our PV and Solar panels on the barn roof.Obviously we are too small to be totally energy self-sufficient - on a windless night we aren’t producing anything at all – but we are signed up to Good Energy as our supplier. They own the local Delabole Wind Farm and guarantee that every kilowatt of energy that they sell comes from an totally renewable source – not something that is true of many of the green tariffs available from other electricity companies.

If you too would like to support renewable electricity (without the complication of erecting your own wind turbine), click on the link below and make the switch - you'll sleep better at night for it!

Click here to switch to Good Energy.

Dominic & Cathy Fairman
South Penquite Farm, Blisland, Bodmin, Cornwall

Tel: 01208 850491